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Streamline Your Field Operations and Boost Productivity with SBS Field Desk


SBS Field Desk is the ultimate Field Service Management (FSM) software that offers a WEB version and Android application for maximum flexibility and convenience. The software enables users to manage field service requests, track work orders, assign tasks to field technicians, and monitor their progress in real-time.

One of the key benefits of SBS Field Desk is its integration with the ERP platform ERP.NET. This ensures full automation of processes – from creating a service request to invoicing and payment, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

The software also offers features such as scheduling, dispatching, and route optimization, enabling organizations to optimize their field operations and increase efficiency. With detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, users can make data-driven decisions and improve their business performance.

SBS Field Desk is perfect for organizations of any size and industry, from small businesses to large enterprises. The software offers a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for managing field service operations, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving business growth.

  • Client Portal
  • Dashboard
  • Mass Assignment
  • Calendar - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Gantt
  • Employee card and requests
  • Copy regular tasks
  • E-mail notifications
  • Chat and notifications for each task
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Time tracking at work
  • Reporting of invested materials and services
  • Attach photos and files
  • Signature
  • Time tracking in travel
  • Performance control
  • Invoicing
  • Payment
  • CRM & BI analysis

To-do list


Navigate to the client

Reporting of used materials and services

Time tracking at work

Time tracking in travel

Attaching photos, comments


To-do list


Detailed information

Navigate to the client

Travel and Shopping

Time tracking

Add services

Add materials

Custom fields


Key benefits and analysis

Client portal

Increases client satisfaction by being able to send tasks, track their status in real time, write comments and attach files. Optimizes the time for creating requests by employees.

Proper planning

Reduces time in planning and assigning tasks. Active list of unassigned tasks. Easy selection of employees near the site. Mass and single assignment. Ensuring the execution of the task from the first time without wasting time in additional shopping through data on the actual stocks by teams.

Accelerated service execution

Quick and easy movement of tasks between departments, automatic emails and notifications speed up the time to complete each task. Accelerated execution, accelerated invoicing.

Optimization of working time

Reporting of actual time worked, loss of travel time and additional activities ensure tracking of full and effective employment of each employee.

Controlled and consistent processes

Full digitalization of the process increases real-time control at each stage. Sequence of operation is guaranteed without data loss and without the need for paper. Performance inspection, audit of reported materials, services and time.

Performance evaluation

Improved service thanks to a real assessment by the client on the implementation of each task.

Profitable pricing

Automatic bidding based on planned materials, labor, services, fees and minimum margin percentages by groups of services. Detailed analysis for deviations between planned and actual cost.

CRM & BI analysis

Real-time decision making based on analyzes of effective time worked, real cost and margin by services, sites, clients, projects, regions, departments. Detailed information about invested services and materials at service sites. Analyzes and comparisons by periods. 360 degree view of your clients.

Basic steps at work

When working with the system, the whole process is organized into four main steps and each of them is assigned the appropriate controls.

Create a task

A new task can be created by a client through the client portal or by an employee. Each task contains information about the client, object, contract, additional notes, service object, problem description, attachments, task type and execution time.


When assigning the task, a person responsible for its implementation is selected. For each task can be planned multiple activities and for each of them are selected planned start and end of implementation, participants, additional instructions.


The reporting is done through a mobile application. For each task, the exact time worked is automatically filled in, the materials and services used during the execution are selected, photos and a signature verifying the execution are attached.

Verification and invoicing

The invested materials and services are revised, if necessary a protocol of the activity is sent to the client. It is possible to mark materials or services as warranty. Automatic or semi-automatic issuance of an invoice based on an approved protocol.


If you perform construction, installation, assembly, repair, maintenance, prophylaxis in any of the listed areas, then our solution is right for you.

Water Supply



Air conditioning






Pest control





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